Digital innovation in education

of 2020/2021 academic year

Student's guide

Last semester, marked by social isolation and rapid digital transformation, became an impulse that triggered the decisive and innovative action to improve various forms of distance learning.

Today, we can say that UEHs not only took care of the health and safety of our students and staff, but also ensured the implementation of all planned activities at the highest level.

By working closely with our students, in the 2020/2021 academic year, we can present an improved model of conducting classes in a flexible and convenient way, we have managed to combine the best features of traditional and distance learning.

We have introduced various forms of teaching - from online lectures, through e-learning courses, hybrid classes, to the innovative HyperFlex didactic model.

This year reminds us how important is is to feel sense of community and responsibility for others. Thanks to the commitment of the entire university community, we can admit that we are perfectly prepared for the coming academic year.

Below we have compiled for you all the important information presenting what the organization of classes will look like. We have also prepared a series of practical tips on how to effectively use the new opportunities offered by distance learning.

We wish you every success. See you in class!

Organization of classes

flexibility, comfort and safety

Classes have been organized in such a way as to ensure the safety of students and lecturers while maintaining high quality of education.

Traditional classes
Traditional classes
Traditional classes

According to a government regulation, classes at a UEHS campus are suspended until further notice.

Classes are held in a traditional way in the lecture hall, in full compliance with the sanitary regime.

Synchronous remote classes
Synchronous remote classes
Synchronous remote classes

Classes are held on-line in accordance with the planned timetable, they offer the possibility of direct interaction between students and lecturer.

Asynchronous remote classes
Asynchronous remote classes
Asynchronous remote classes

Classes previously prepared by the lecturer or live broadcast recording available for students to play at any time.

Hybrid / HyperFlex classes
Hybrid / HyperFlex classes
Hybrid / HyperFlex classes

According to a government regulation, classes at a UEHS campus are suspended until further notice.

Classes with the possibility of participation in the form chosen by the student - online (synchronously and asynchronously) or in the lecture hall. The student decides how it will participate in theclasses and can flexibly change their choice.

Learning platform

Microsoft Teams

All UEHS students receive access to Microsoft Office 365, and thereby a free use of popular programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Office 365 also provides the Microsoft Teams learning platform, used by over 180,000 educational institutions around the world, including leading universities. MS Teams platform enables organizing online classes in a variety of forms while being an excellent communication tool to support learning and working in groups.

You can use a laptop, desktop computer or smartphone to participate in classes.

How to prepare for classes?

You will get access to online classes and UEHS digital resources by logging into your account on the MS Teams platform and in the Virtual University - Extranet. Remember also about the university e-mail inbox, which should be checked regularly.

Login details and student accounts
Login details and student accounts
Microsoft Office 365 and MS Teams

All new students will receive login details to their student e-mail. The login and password are also posted at the Virtual University. Older students use the account they used in the previous semester.

Tip - Don't wait until the first class. Log in to the platform now and test its basic functions. Thanks to this, in the event of technical problems, we will have time to solve them, and you will start your academic adventure without stress.

Login instructions
Hardware and software
Hardware and software
All you need to use the MS Office 365 is any computer or mobile device with Internet access and a web browser.

To take full advantage of the possibilities offered by distance learning will be essential as a webcam and a microphone. Students who have not used the Microsoft Teams educational platform so far can see the training materials.

Tip - You don't have your own computer? Don't worry, our students have the option of using the computers available on the campus of the university. It is enough to report such a need to the coordinator of your studies.

Training materials
Learning space - how to learn from home?
Learning space - how to learn from home?
Study at UEHS - Meet us closer
Study at UEHS - Meet us closer

Where to find help?

Studies coordinators

Student coordinator
Maksym Goshzhanov
22 536 54 24


MS Teams educational platform support

For matters related to the MS Teams educational platform, contact our support team who will answer your question.

Experience - How was the previous semester?

Due to the dynamically changing situation, the previous semester was a big organizational and technological challenge for the entire university. We are glad that despite all these difficulties, our students positively assessed the distance learning at UEHS.

users of the educational platform
of hours of online classes
0 %
satisfied students*
0 %
success rate diploma examinations conducted at a distance
*Based on a distance learning quality survey conducted at the end of the 2019/2020 academic year
What our students think?

“Online teaching wasn’t easy, it required a lot of concentration and good time management. However, I think UEHS did the job and most of the subjects were engaging and interesting.”

Student of Political Science

“The university introduced remote teaching very efficiently, we were kept informed about all matters. The professors conducted classes at the highest level.”

Student of Finance and Accounting

“Online teaching has advantages and disadvantages, but our university did everything to make the disadvantages as little as possible. I am glad that all the classes have been completed, despite the change in the form of teaching.”

Student of Management
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Safety rules at the UEHS campus


Everyone on the UEHS campus is required to wear face masks


To ensure the highest protection, dispensers with disinfectant liquid have appeared in each toilet. On campus we set also several modern touchless hand disinfection machines.

Social distance

We have introduced procedures to ensure compliance with the recommended social distance at each stage of your stay at the UEHS campus.


How will the orientation week for new students be conducted?

The orientation week for our new international students will be conducted on-line. All orientation week events requiring direct contact (such as a welcome party) will be postponed until there is no risk of their conduct.

Do I have to undergo quarantine after coming to Poland?

Information on mandatory quarantine can be found on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, we recommend that you come to Poland as early as possible and undergo a 14-day voluntary quarantine before visiting the AEH campus.

Will Dormitories function as usual?

Dormitories will operate normally, but for sanitary reasons, we recommend that students book rooms with a separate bathroom and kitchen, which are available on the Warsaw real estate market. Below are links to search engines for flats and apartments in English:

My flight to Poland has been canceled, how can I get my money back?

When purchasing an air ticket, we recommend that you purchase additional insurance to cover the costs of flight cancellation due to COVID-19.

Are there any restrictions or limits on admitting foreign students at the present time?

Some Polish consulates may introduce additional restrictions and admission limits, so we recommend that you complete the formalities related to obtaining a certificate of admission to studies or a certificate of study as soon as possible and possible early visa appointment.

Who can I contact regarding visa issues?

In case of problems with the visa appointment or other issues related to the visa application process, we recommend that you contact one of the official AEH recruitment agents.

I will not be able to get to Poland on the starting date of the classes, will I have arrears?

Students who will not be able to reach Poland by the time the classes begin will be able to participate in them on-line or in a mixed mode.

Do I need valid medical insurance?

Yes, we would like to remind you of the obligation to provide medical insurance for treatment and hospitalization in Poland.

Recruitment office

In case of any problems with coming to Poland, or questions regarding the current situation related to the recruitment process, please contact the UEHS Recruitment Office.


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